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The entry screen is used to add the information about the last point of the current ongoing match. The score will be updated accordingly. There is a possibility to “undo” the last entry, either immediately or later using the “undo” button on the action bar.

Once a match is completed and the winner is known, some basic statistics of that match are shown below the score board. Use load/delete match menu item to bring up match selection dialog.

Pressing on a match in this dialog will open a match, while long pressing will cause the deletion of a match.
Unforced errors stats screen is accessible via the Navigation bar. The list is sorted by default for the first player. Use the icons to change the sort order. The application offers the possibility to share the screen with the stats.
Forced errors stats.
Create match form allows to define match parameters: date, tournament, names of players. Each player's name is defined in another screen, when [Set] button is pressed.
Scroll the list to find the name of the player participating in the match you are creating. Type the name of the player and press the [Add] button, if a new name must be created. Deletion of a player's name can be done by long pressing that name in the list.
Enter the first characters of the first or last name of a player you want to select and the player's list will be filtered accordingly.
Winners stats.