Shots trajectory tracking

Thirty-all Pro version can help obtain exclusive insights about a tennis match. Certainly, entering more information requires full attention during the match, as the trajectory of every last shot which conluded the last point point will have to be entered. However, many will find it worth the effort.

Demo of the stats with shots trajectory tracking

Watch the 5 minute “demo” video to discover the potential of shots trajectory tracking and it covers some other reports as well.

Note: use SINGLE PRESS to watch last shot trajectories for a particular statistic for PLAYER ONE, and LONG PRESS – for PLAYER TWO.

All versions of Thirty-all application will get the same match loaded as part of the November 2019 upgrade. It means that Free and Plus versions can be used to visualize all the reports shown in the demo video, but only for this particular match.

Entering last shot trajectory and point details

The videos below will help understand how to use the Thirty-all PRO application during data input.


Very simple one. It is a clear ace.


User clicked twice, because a return was expected. The shot counter was increased to 2 by the time it became clear that it was an ace. First “Long press” on the counter button brought the counter to 1, the second one – to 0. After that the input was done properly.

Point replayed

The point had to be replayed, because of a bad call from a linesman. Menu item “Replay the point” resets the rally shot counter, so that the input can be done again.


First service fault.


After a let, two “long presses” was used to reset the strokes counter to zero.


Short rally ending with a winner.


Service was not returned and the point ended with an unforced error.